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Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement – Z-Tox is a nutritional supplement that claims to destroy cravings and help you lose weight by optimizing sleep.

By taking Z-Tox before you fall asleep, you can give your body the ingredients it needs to support a deep, restful sleep. A deep sleep is associated with powerful health benefits.

Z-Tox Reviews - Weight Loss Supplement
Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement

Does Z-Tox really work? Can you take Z-Tox for a better sleep? Find out everything you need to know about this supplement today in our review.

What is Z-Tox?

Z-Tox is a nutritional supplement created by Applied Science Nutrition. The supplement is sold exclusively through Z-Tox.com and the official Applied Science Nutrition website.

According to the official website, Z-Tox uses a 3,820 year old Norwegian tradition to destroy sugar cravings and burn 1.6 pounds overnight. By taking Z-Tox nightly, you can support a deeper sleep and other benefits.

Product NameZ-Tox
Main BenefitsIt helps to lose weight by regulating sleep, stress, and appetite hormones
IngredientsMelatonin, Calcium Carbonate, Pyridoxine HCL, Magnesium Citrate
DosageTake 2 capsules every day.
ResultTake 2-3 months
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
Quantity60 tablets per bottle
Official WebsiteClick Here

Here’s how Applied Science Nutrition describes the effects of Z-Tox:

“Z-Tox is a premier supplement that supports deep and restful sleep for long term healthy weight maintenance. This unique combination of four essential ingredients work in harmony to regulate healthy melatonin levels in the body.”

To achieve those benefits, Z-Tox uses ingredients found in other sleep aid supplements sold online today. The supplement contains a strong dose of melatonin, for example, along with L-tryptophan, chamomile, lemon balm extract, and other ingredients linked to deeper, more restful sleeps.

How do Z-Tox works? – Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement

Z-tox puts your body into NREM 3 deep sleep which helps in burning excess fat and lowering your cortisol level. With the Core Four Code, you will be able to impress your body to burn excess fat with the help of Melatonin, Calcium. Magnesium and B6.

These elements support naturally to stop all your problems relating to fat gain, stress, anxiety, joint pain, muscle loss, and much more.

During sleep, your body burns fat, controls hunger, boosts metabolism, builds muscles, regulates blood levels, supercharges the immune system, strengthens bones and joints, and restores energy. The incredible thing is that all of this work is done in 15 minutes during the NREM 3 deep sleep, which is the deepest level of sleep and makes your body burn fat. When this NREM 3 deep sleep is not attained, your body functions collapse. It releases cortisol, ghrelin that causes stress and hunger and reduces good hormones like leptin and insulin. This lower leptin and insulin hormone makes you eat more and store more fat in the body. As we age over 40, the melatonin sleep hormone production gets lowered, which lacks sleep. The right way to deliver this nutrient to your body makes you fall into NREM deep sleep and stabilize the body functions naturally. 

Z-Tox Reviews - Weight Loss Supplement
Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement

Therefore the creator of the Z-Tox supplement has gathered the ancient secrets of a Norwegian village in the Arctic Circle that has astonishing fat-burning effects to put you in the restful NREM 3 deep sleep and make you lose weight. The perfection ratio of essential nutrients works in perfect harmony in maintaining the healthy melatonin levels that regulate the NREM sleep. It fuels your body and combats hunger to make you drop the excess fat. The Z-Tox supplement stimulates metabolism and makes your body a fat-burning machine to lose weight. The creator of the Z-Tox supplement has included the core four code essential nutrients with the blend of 14 natural extracts that can produce the sleep-inducing hormones to lose weight.

The formula behind the Z-Tox supplement was derived from ancient Norwegian teachings that keep people close to the north pole healthy and fit.

Especially, it borrows from a Core Four Code that is followed by many communities there.

The formula has been proven to help the body stay fit and healthy, free of obesity and visceral fat. 

The creator of the Z-Tox supplement says that it is the lack of NREM 3 sleep that leads to chronic weight gain. This deficiency will lead to the body accumulating fat despite your best efforts.

According to him, improving the quality of NREM 3 sleep is the optimum way to lose fat and keep it off. And Z-Tox supplement helps people do just that. 

The ingredients are known to help people sleep better, leading to a better NREM 3 phase. This helps improve the levels of Leptin in the body, which helps curb cravings and overeating.

Also, your insulin will be boosted to improve metabolism and fat burn. Meanwhile, this sleep state also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, as well as Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, etc. This way, the body will burn up fat like a machine and gain a healthy BMI. Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement

Z-Tox Benefits – Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement

Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement
  • Loose excess pounds of weight by supporting fat loss
  • Say goodbye to that unwanted and untimely cravings
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Have stronger bones and joint health
  • Restore overall energy and stamina
  • Build a stronger immune system
  • Your blood pressure levels will be moderate
  • Blood sugar levels will be normalized
  • No more moody, depressed, or fatigued

Why Should You Buy Z-Tox Weight Loss Supplement? – Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement

Most will tell you that the only way to improve the condition of your weight is by going to the gym and working hard. However, that is very difficult to do for someone who is fat. Being overweight makes it very difficult for you to walk fast, let alone exercise. While the other option that you have is also not easy – going for restrictive diets. Sure, keto is very popular, but it is also almost impossible to keep up with. In the same manner, intermittent fasting and other such diets are also very demanding and difficult to follow for someone who has uncontrollable cravings.

Then there is the option of invasive surgeries which are slowly becoming the easiest route to take as people don’t have to put in any effort. However, these surgeries are very expensive, and they are also risky, something that many folks ignore until they see the negative side effects for themselves. That being said, dietary supplements are inexpensive, not risky and very convenient solutions for weight loss. 

However, you just have to be intelligent when picking the right product. Since there are many scams out there, it can be difficult to differentiate between the right and the wrong supplement. Z-Tox seems to be a great option in this area for many reasons. First of all, it is a completely natural formula with ingredients that have been shown to reduce weight and have been clinically tested prior to being included in the composition. 

This supplement contains the core four code which in itself is very effective at helping you lose weight. People in the Arctic Circle are able to stay fit even in their older years only because they have this particular formula. However, along with the core four codes, Z-Tox also contains additional ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that work toward the end of triggering your natural weight loss process by boosting your metabolism and controlling your cravings. 

In this matter, you are not only able to lose excess belly fat but you’re also able to build lean muscles which means that your physique becomes envy worthy. With this supplement, you just have to take out some seconds of your day to take the tablets with a glass of water. 

You don’t even have to work out strenuously or have to attend any gym. Your cravings are naturally controlled and you have no reason to worry about overeating or following a strict diet. Therefore, from the comfort of your home, you are able to lose weight in the simplest manner without even having to spend too much money or taking any risks since this product claims to be free of negative side effects. 

Z-Tox Reviews: List of Z-Tox Ingredients – Z-Tox Reviews – Weight Loss Supplement

Inside every capsule of Z-Tox, you get clinically tested purely natural sourced including herbs and plant extracts. Every single ingredient added in this supplement offers you unique benefits that make you feel that you can lose weight in an effective way. Have a look:

  • Psyllium (Husk)
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Black Walnut (Huli)
  • Oat (Bran)
  • Flaxseed (Seed)
  • L. Acidophilus
  • Prune (Fruit)
  • Aloe Vera (Leaf)
  • Apple Pectin ( fruit)
  • Glucomannan (Root)

Four core ingredients make up this product. They are organic in nature with zero side effects. The details are discussed below:

  • Melatonin: As studies suggest, the body loses its power to produce melatonin after the age of 40. In order to upregulate the release of this hormone, these supplements have been proven to play a role. Melatonin is known as sleep hormone and it helps regulate sleep.
  • Calcium Carbonate: Calcium is known to stimulate the release of melatonin through activation of the brain by enhancing an amino acid known as L-Tryptophan.
  • Magnesium Citrate: It activates the nervous system and helps it release melatonin.
  • Pyridoxine HCl: Also known as vitamin B6, it is known to keep the body full of energy, meanwhile stimulating the release of melatonin.


This product has a lot of benefits:

  • Reduces cravings:

These supplements suppress the cravings for food, especially sugar which is one of the main reasons behind weight gain.

  • Helps in weight loss:

This product discovers the science behind a stage of sleep known as NREM 3 Deep Sleep that controls hormones that can help lose weight through reduced appetite, less hunger, and better sleep.

  • Fixes sleep:

One of the four core ingredients includes Melatonin, which is a hormone that helps you fall asleep. It is known that melatonin not only fixes sleep cycle but also helps in weight loss while you sleep.

  • Controls hormones:

These supplements control four main hormones. The first one being:

  1. Cortisol: Also known as the stress hormone, this hormone stimulates the storage of fats and leads to weight gain. These supplements reduce the release the Cortisol to help you lose weight.
  2. Ghrelin: Also known as the hunger hormone, it increases hunger leading to food cravings. Through this product, less Ghrelin is released, leading to reduced appetite.
  3. Leptin: This hormone helps you stop eating when your stomach feels full. These supplements increase the release of this hormone to give you a sense of fullness.
  4. Insulin: This hormone increases the metabolism of sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, leading to less accumulation of fat. 

Z-Tox price and packages

There are several packages available on the website that you can choose from. These are heavily discounted as part of their promotions as well. The packages and prices are listed below. 

All shipments within the US are free of cost. Also, you get two bonuses with the Z-Tox supplement if you purchase today.

  • 10 Minute Fat-Burning Recipes Guide
  • 60 Second Bedtime Flows For Fat Loss Guide
Z-Tox Reviews - Weight Loss Supplement

Z-Tox money-back guarantee & Refund Policy

They are offering a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days to secure your investment. You may reclaim your money if you are not satisfied, no questions asked. 

Final Verdict – Z-Tox Reviews

Z-Tox supplement is a legitimate weight loss solution that is safe and effective.

The ingredients also add to the legitimacy of this formula. The formula has been created to help people shed excess fat fast, and easy.

This enables people to stay fit and healthy without the need for exercise or diets. By improving your deep sleep, the Z-Tox formula helps you burn up fat rapidly while improving other aspects of health such as energy, immunity, and metabolism, etc. 

So, the Z-Tox supplement is worth a try for anyone looking for an effective and fast weight loss solution. As per the Z-Tox reviews, It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to make this completely risk-free. 

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