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What is Compulsive Eating?

What is Compulsive Eating? Alcoholics had the tenets from the Oxford Group and did not recover until they knew their common problem. All of us in food/eating recovery programs have had the program of recovery outlined in the Big Book since it was written, however, we have not seen that wholesale recovery from our problem. Could it be that we are unclear about what the problem actually is? 

What is Compulsive Eating?
What is Compulsive Eating? 

What is Compulsive Eating?  “Some of us have tried to hold onto our old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely.” Are we hanging onto old ideas about what compulsive eating is? 

It may be true that there is no reason to eat sugar, but it may be for a different reason than we have thought in the rooms. Is there any reason that any human being “should” feed their body processed sugar or some of the other substances? Is there any food value to white sugar? I don’t know anyone who would say there is. There are many who just say processed food and other things are toxic to humans. It is not our natural diet. So, if that is the truth, is there any reason besides “I want” (selfishness) to eat it? 

It is probably true that all humans have a reaction to most of the substances that are eliminated as addictive substances; however, is that our disease? I believe our common problem is much deeper, which is why people report “binging on abstinent foods.” 

In the rooms, the craving from eating a bunch of junk with no nutritional value (resulting in a body starving for nutrition while gaining weight) has been mixed up with the craving from our malady. It is the craving – the cry for more compulsive eating – which is the one we are talking about. I am not an alcoholic, so will not express an opinion here. They are talking about a substance – we are talking about a behavior. 

What is Compulsive Eating? The Big Book is absolutely relevant AND our only program of recovery. Food plans are a way of eating, NOT the program of recovery. We need to be clear about what triggers the physical craving. I am suggesting that compulsive eating triggers that insatiable craving for more compulsive eating NOT the eating of a substance. If we binge when eating a substance, we need to look at how, when, where, and why we ate that substance to begin with. 

In no way would I ever suggest that there is ever a good reason for any human being to ever ingest, in any quantity, much of the Standard American Diet. I am suggesting that if we look at foods as our problem, we are looking in the wrong 

place. My problem is much bigger than any substances. The good news is that the solution is guaranteed and promises me happy/joyous/free, not merely a clean food plan.

What is Compulsive Eating? NOTE that the ideas expressed in this article are solely those of the author and are not representative of OA as a whole. Many of us have found this document useful in our recovered work.

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