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VistaClear Review

What is Vista Clear?

VistaClear Review – Vista Clear is a nutritional supplement sold exclusively online through VistaClear2020.com.

The supplement uses the same recipe used “for thousands of years…by the Australian tribe members.” Vista Clear’s creators claim that Aboriginal Australians have eyesight “4 times sharper than ours” because they followed a different traditional diet. Vista Clear contains the same vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and herbs from that diet, helping to support healthy vision.

VistaClear Review
VistaClear Review

There’s limited other information online about who made Vista Clear, what type of medical or optometry expertise was used to create the formula, or how effective the formula is for supporting eyesight. The supplement does not claim to have completed any tests, for example, verifying it improves vision, reduces blindness, or reverses eyesight decline, among other benefits.

Product NameVista Clear
Main benefitsMaintains a healthy functioning of the lens, optic nerve, macula, retina, and cornea.
CategoryEye Health
IngredientsBacopa Monnieri, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and much more.
Administration RouteOral
DosageTake one capsule after a meal with a glass of water.
Result2-3 months
Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Price $79.00
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

However, the makers of Vista Clear insist the formula provides “incredible results for everybody” using safe and natural ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at how Vista Clear works.

So many people in this modern technological world, have eyesight problems. They tend to aggravate as we grow older.

They keep getting worse and what’s scary about that is that it might lead to blindness. VistaClear Review

All the screens that we use are damaging our eyes more and more and we are getting a step closer to losing our vision.

Glasses and lenses won’t stop your eyes from getting damaged but Vista Clear will. Vista Clear is a health supplement that will heal the damage to your eyes and stop your eyesight from deteriorating furthermore.

What’s better is that it is made out of natural ingredients only. Therefore, Vista Clear has absolutely no side effects. Vista Clear supplement is toxin-free and is also gluten-free and vegan. VistaClear Review

Vista Clear has been born out of years of scientific research. Your eyesight will end up becoming 4 times better than before.

The natural Vista Clear Ingredients Reviews will remove the root cause of the problem and then shield your eye from further problems. VistaClear Review

How Does Vista Clear Really Work To Enhance Eye Health? – VistaClear Review

With old age, vision may become blurry, but with the right supplement, this can be cleared. Each of the ingredients has been tested for safety and effectiveness. Vista Clear has been prepared with ingredients that help in strengthening eye muscles in a few days of intake. The effect starts from the body by improving the overall health of the body. Upon taking the supplement for a few days, there will be a noticeable improvement in the eyes and clarity in vision. This unique formula has been designed to assist the body in the healthy function of the macula, lens, optic nerve, and cornea.

Vista Clear eye health supplement claims to work on one of the most critical risk factors for eye diseases, i.e. oxidative stress. People often confuse it with oxygen molecules which are vital for life. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals such as reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS), both of which are a byproduct of energy production.  VistaClear Review

These free-floating molecules affect the healthy functioning cells mainly involved in respiration, vision, hearing, metabolism, and immunity. There is no way to prevent oxidative stress because it usually shows up with age, but when it becomes excessively high, it starts damaging the body at a molecular level.  

VistaClear Review
VistaClear Review

Typically, the body has its own mechanism to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress using antioxidants. However, it may undergo an antioxidants deficiency sometimes, which leads to cellular damage and death, resulting in various eye diseases such as cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), glaucoma, etc. Plus, the natural aging in humans also causes a depletion of the available antioxidants, and it is highest in middle-aged people i.e. those above 40 years. VistaClear Review

Among many other functions, the reabsorption of the nutrients is declined with age. So, to maintain eye health, the body needs a supplement form of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that play a part in ocular health. Vista Clear for eyes may not be a complete replacement for a healthy diet, but it can provide the essential nutrients to the body that are otherwise unavailable. 

People who don’t prefer organic food sources or can’t plan a special diet can add Vista Clear pills into their routine to make up for the low antioxidant and nutrient count. There is plenty of data suggesting how some antioxidants can support eye health and save from the progression of age-related eye diseases. When the body balances the oxidative stress, the chances of retinal degeneration as well as cataracts, i.e., age-related macular degeneration or even diabetic cataracts, can be minimized. Moreover, the body also starts enjoying other benefits related to lower oxidative stress, such as better immunity and metabolism and a low risk of premature aging. 

As per vistaclear2020.com, the company has received many feedbacks implying how Vista Clear eye formula has helped these people save themselves from weak eyesight. Let’s find out the Vista Clear ingredients that are behind all of these functions.   VistaClear Review

VistaClear Review
VistaClear Review

The Ingredients: Vista Clear – VistaClear Review

As mentioned above, Vista Clear contains 26 natural ingredients including…

• Bacopa Monnieri: Bacopa Monnieri is an ancient Ayurveda herbal remedy used to treat stress, anxiety, ADHD, brain diseases, nervous system problems and inflammation.

As most of these are related to deteriorating eye health, Bacopa Monnieri works just fine.

• Chamomile: Chamomile works wonders for pink eye symptoms and relieves pain and inflammation of the eyes. Vista Clear Reviews also reduces dry eye syndrome and improves toxic fluid drainage from your eyes.
• Lemon balm: Lemon balm is a common treatment for reducing eye pressure and damage caused by oxidative stress. Vista Clear supplement is also used to prevent age-related eye health deterioration.

• Skullcap: It is a traditional herb used in the treatment of the skin around the eyes. Vista Clear helps in reducing inflammation of the cells that affect your vision. VistaClear Review

• Hawthorn: Hawthorn is mainly used to reduce oxidative stress that can cause a huge damage to your eyesight.

Vista Clear supplement is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can improve your eyesight and give you a 20/20 vision.

• Saint John’s Wort: It is mainly used to treat brain and nervous system disorders that hamper your vision and make it blurry. Regular consumption of this ingredient with other herbs can improve your vision.

• Ashwagandha: Regular intake of this ancient Ayurvedic herb can improve your eye health and reduce dry eye syndrome. Vista Clear Reviews is also very famous for its energy-giving effects.
• Rhodiola: It is extremely beneficial in strengthening your eye cells and tissues. Vista Clear usage can help create youthful skin around your eyes.

• Calcium: Most people who have a calcium deficiency develop cataracts. Hence, calcium intake is important.

• Magnesium: It improves the ocular blood flow to your retina keeping it healthy and young even if you age.

• Potassium: Potassium covers your cornea with a thin layer and protects it from the damage caused by the harmful UV rays.

• Lutein: Lutein reduces the inflammation around your eyes and of the eye cells. Vista Clear prevents you from getting many eyesight disorders. VistaClear Review

• Zinc: It helps your body produce melanin which protects your eyes. People who do not have enough zinc in their bodies often have a poor eyesight.

• Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B Complex is extremely important for a good eyesight as these can help in reducing inflammation of the retina and cornea.

• Valerian: Valerian promotes sleep and helps your eye tissues, muscles around it and its cells to relax.

• Passion Flower: It reduces your brain activity to eliminate brain fog as a foggy brain restricts your nervous system from communicating with the brain.

• L-theanine: It is an amino acid that helps reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia.

• Biotin or Vitamin H: It promotes healthy blood pressure and lets the oxygen reach your eyes through the blood flow.

• Mucuna Pruriens: It is an excellent remedy to boost blood flow and circulation towards your eyes.
• Griffonia Simplicifolia: It improves your eyesight and helps the organs function normally, naturally.

• And, some more. VistaClear Review

VistaClear Review

How does Vista Clear Work – VistaClear Review

With old age, vision may become blurry, but with the right supplement, this can be cleared. Each of the ingredients has been tested for safety and effectiveness. Vista Clear has been prepared with ingredients that help in strengthening eye muscles in a few days of intake. The effect starts from the body by improving the overall health of the body. Upon taking the supplement for a few days, there will be a noticeable improvement in the eyes and clarity in vision. This unique formula has been designed to assist the body in the healthy function of the macula, lens, optic nerve, and cornea.

How to use Vista Clear – VistaClear Review

  • The supplement should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Suitable for vegetarians as well as non -vegetarians.
  • Consume a balanced diet with enough vegetables and fruits.
  • Regular exercising is recommended.
  • Take enough water to enable the body to release waste and toxins from the body.
  • The supplement should be taken consistently for quick results.


Take 1 capsule a day of Vista Clear with a big glass of water.

Is Vista Clear Beneficial?

The company making Vista Clear  has made it evident that everything inside this formula has been taken from premium quality natural sources. Going through its ingredients confirms that they are dietary ingredients. i.e., that are naturally found in food sources, so you can say that it is a multi-vitamin pill that is exclusively designed for eye health. 

All these nutrients essential for eye structure and function are found in fruits, vegetables, lean meat, dairy, and whole grains. But a majority of Americans don’t take a balanced diet and rely on unhealthy fast food to live. This junk food may be good for taste buds, but it is free from any nutrition; in fact, it is one of the biggest causes of rising obesity worldwide. So it is like you are eating thousands of calories with almost no nutritional value every day; thus, the chances of nutrient deficiency arise.  VistaClear Review

One way to make up for these deficiencies is to switch to a healthier diet. Leaving the deep-fried, sugary, and junk food for plant-based, low-calories food may not be desirable by most people, but it doesn’t mean that they can allow the nutritional deficiencies to affect their health. An alternative to these dietary changes is introducing a multi-vitamin supplement to the body that carries all ingredients needed for good health, especially eye health. If it is a natural product like Vista Clear , it is a plus point because of no risks attached. 

The biggest issue that Vista Clear eye health supplement targets is ‘oxidative stress’ caused by free-floating radicals. These radicals are generated as a by-product of various chemical reactions inside the body. Examples of them are reactive nitrogen species and reactive oxygen species released during energy production. If not removed, these free radicals start affecting all body functions, including metabolism, breathing, cognition, immunity, vision, and hearing. You can’t prevent these free radicals from forming because their presence is a normal part of the body, and somehow they are most likely to accumulate in the middle to old age bodies. Usually, the body removes them on its own but aging makes it hard to do it, causing a huge buildup of free radicals to form inside. 

This free radical buildup causes cellular damage and also kills cells causing eye issues, for example, cataracts, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Amblyopia, retinopathy, and others.To your surprise, it all starts after a person crosses 40, and in the next ten years, it causes significant damage to the eyes, showing up as age-linked visionary problems.  VistaClear Review

All this is avoidable by taking care of your diet especially communing the nutrients for eye health. If you can’t obtain them from diet alone, take help from Vista Clear  pills to get the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs. But it doesn’t mean that Vista Clear can replace the diet; it obviously can’t do that. But using it along with a healthy diet maximizes the benefits for the eyes. 

Those who don’t have access to healthy food or can’t afford organic food sources can try taking Vista Clear pills to make up for their nutritional count. There are many studies that imply the role of antioxidants on eye health and delayed progression of eye diseases. Lowering this oxidative stress also builds strong immunity and supports healthy metabolism and heart function, saving the body from the overall effects of early aging. VistaClear Review

According to Vista Clear 2020.com, this supplement has helped thousands of people to improve their eyesight without needing another supplement. Let’s take a look at Vista Clear  ingredients, which are responsible for all these benefits.

With the 26 potential ingredients, the Vista Clear eye health supplement offers many benefits to eye health as well as overall wellbeing. Here are some of the main benefits you can expect:

  • Helps you have sharper eyesight.
  • Maintains a healthy functioning of the lens, optic nerve, macula, retina, and cornea.
  • Improves and supports normal eyesight.
  • Provides you with all the essential nutrients for eye health.
  • Enhances night vision.
  • Helps you enjoy an improved focus.
  • Ensures proper functioning of the eyes.
  • Prevents blue light damage.
  • Clears the communication between the eyes and brain.
  • Maintains a normal eye blood flow.
  • Prevent any damages that can be caused during blood sugar level fluctuations. 

VistaClear Review

Scientific Evidence for Vista Clear

Vista Clear’s makers claim they have helped “thousands” of customers support vision health in various ways.

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that’s true. We can find no independent reviews of Vista Clear online. The company has not published any clinical trials in peer-reviewed journals, nor have they published any types of tests online verifying the claims made. Let’s explore what science has to say about Vista Clear.

There’s mixed evidence that Aboriginal Australians have better eyesight than non-indigenous Australians. In this 1997 study, researchers analyzed decades of vision health data and determined that young rural Aboriginal Australians had good visual acuity. However, researchers found that Aboriginal Australians “have rates of blindness compared to third world countries.” Approximately 20% of older Aboriginal Australians had low vision, while 10.4% of 60+-year-old Aboriginal Australians were blind.

Vista Clear claims Aboriginal Australians have “four times better vision” than others. This claim is unproven, yet it’s often repeated as a type of myth. In Australia, one vision professor claims Australian Aboriginals developed “super sight” from centuries of staring across the Outback. That professor suggests that some Aboriginal Australians “have vision that can be more than four times better than non-indigenous people.” VistaClear Review

There’s no evidence, however, that indigenous Australians take the ingredients in Vista Clear to improve their vision or support their eyesight. In fact, few of the ingredients in Vista Clear are native to Australia. Although many indigenous Australians have better eyesight than non-indigenous people, it’s not necessarily a diet issue.

It’s possible some ingredients in Vista Clear support vision. However, without knowing the dosage of any ingredients, we’re forced to assume that Vista Clear has low dosages of most listed ingredients. You’re better off taking a multivitamin, which has transparent dosages of many of the most protein ingredients in Vista Clear.

Lutein can support eye health in various ways. As this 2018 study in Nutrients explained, lutein has anti-inflammatory properties that provide benefits throughout the body. Lutein is particularly linked to eye health. The anti-inflammatory effects of lutein seem to have a particularly noticeable effect on vision. People who get enough lutein in their diet tend to have lower rates of age-related macular disease, which is the leading cause of blindness and vision impairment.

Most eye health supplements contain zeaxanthin or astaxanthin, two ingredients similar to lutein. These ingredients, like lutein, are carotenoids that support healthy inflammation. However, Vista Clear does not contain eye ingredients. VistaClear Review

Some studies show that zinc can support vision health. Researchers found that getting your recommended daily dose of zinc was supported with a normal risk of age-related eye disease. Similar studies exist for most vitamins and minerals in Vista Clear: people who get their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals tend to have better vision health (and overall health) than other people.

How to Buy Vista Clear?

Vista Clear is being sold only on the product’s official website for its prices to not increase as a result of distribution costs. This means it can’t be found in pharmacies or health shops. Big offline and online retailers aren’t selling it either. The best idea is to get it from its official website, where it currently comes at the following amazing prices:

1 bottle (1-month supply) for $79 + a small shipping fee

3-bottle (3-month supply) pack at $59 per bottle + FREE shipping

6-bottle (6-month supply) pack at $49 per bottle + FREE shipping

(MASSIVE SAVINGS NOW) Click Here to Buy Vista Clear Supplement For The Best Price Right Online VistaClear Review

VistaClear – Vision Supplement

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