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The Venus Factor 2.0 Review – Do you suffer from high cholesterol levels? Are you anxious about the weight you have gained even after strict routines, hours of gym sessions, healthy, and balanced diet? If all of these are not working, then you may want to try the Venus factor 2.0. Here is an honest review, so you can check whether this works for you!

The Venus Factor 2.0 Review
The Venus Factor 2.0 Review

The Venus Factor 2.0 – An Innovative Diet Plan 

After seeing the extreme amount of pain women have to face, John Barban’s decides to make this the Venus Factor 2.0 weight loss program. As one of those suffering from high body fat and extremely high cholesterol levels, I feel blessed to have come across the Venus Factor 2.0. This is an innovative diet program that does not include extensive diet and exercise.

The whole weight loss program is planned out without making any major changes in your busy schedule. Venus Factor 2.0 is well designed in that it always enhances your energy levels, makes you feel more energetic, and keeps you motivated throughout the process.

Product TitleThe Venus Factor 2.0 
AuthorJohn Barban
TypeDigital Format
CategoryWeight Loss
Official Websitehttps://venusfactor.org

About Venus Factor 2.0

Venus Factor 2.0 is a certified weight loss program designed by John Barban for women. This is a three-month diet plan program with additional bonuses like free video classes and easy exercises for a slimmer and fitter body. It is well synchronized and proven to work for every single woman. All Venus Factor 2.0 diet reviews taken are positive and no complaints ever recorded to the creator of this program. Click on this link to check it out.

I have subscribed to this program for more than 5 weeks now and have seen tremendous changes in my body shape and weight. John Barban’s diet plan is full of essential nutrients carbohydrates and other essentials that require a healthy and slim body.

What is the Venus Factor 2.0?

Venus Factor 2.0 is one of the few weight loss programs designed specifically for women. It is intended to balance the hormones that control appetite and weight. The creator and dietitian John Barban made this program, which ensures that you will have your body in shape in 12 weeks. Dietary data are provided in the program. The diet takes into account the nutritional needs that are fundamentally at the beginning of the diet. Healthy requirements depend on size, age, and condition.

This helps you choose the right products for your body and the number of calories you need. You have access to the forum, blog, etc. By purchasing a program, you can reach out to the community. This community helps and maintains the path to a healthy lifestyle. You will also learn about other people who use the program. You can also get tips on quick weight loss from John Barban.

Who Is The Creator Of The Program

Dr. John Barban

The brain behind this unrivaled fat loss program is Dr. John Barban, a renowned and popular fitness professional who is an expert in the field of weight loss and health.

Not only is John a fitness expert he is also a global expert in nutrition, Biology, and physiology. Previously, Dr. John Barban mainly focused on men’s fitness plan and has equally developed quite a number of high-profile muscle building programs on the same.

With the Venus factor, his main focus has been to help women attain what he refers to as the Perfect Ratio. Typically, the Venus factor is a scientific procedure for the females through which they can effortlessly achieve their desired body shape.

This weight loss plan is simple to follow but users should also take into account that it is backed by science and has been developed in a way that would naturally boost your metabolism to allow your body burn fat in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Who has the Venus factor program been created for

It is imperative to note that this fat loss program takes into account that the body of women and men is different. What’s more, it works on the basis that the fat burning hormone of men and women tend to function in a totally different way.

Simply put, this three-month nutrition plan is for females, preferably for women out there who would love to lose more than 10 lbs. As you know, there are a lot of good and bad programs in the market place. If you do enough research like what we do at KickStart365 you will see that there are very few that have long term results.

There are many programs out there where you can lose a heap of weight within 2 weeks, yeah this is great for those last minute dot com folks who quickly diet for a special occasion. However, if you really want to lose weight and lead a new healthy lifestyle then you need to stop talking and thinking about the word DIET!. What you need is a lifestyle change, this will make you lose weight permanently! Please remember that there is no magic pill that will make you lose weight….We have listed a few obvious statements below so you can see if the Venus Factor Weight Loss Program is for you or not!

Note that this fatigue program considers the body of women and men is different. Also, it works on the basis that men’s and women’s fat-burning hormone tends to work in a totally different way.

Simply put, this three-month nutrition plan is for women, preferably women who would love to lose more than 10 pounds. As you know, there are many good and bad programs on the market. If you do enough research on what we do at Kick Start 365, you will see that there are very few that have long-term results.

There are many programs where you can lose a ton of weight in 2 weeks, yes, this is great for late-night dot com folks who are quick to diet for a special occasion. However, in the event that you really need to get in shape and lead another solid way of life, then you should stop talking and think about the word DIET.

What you need is a lifestyle change, this will make you lose weight forever! Please remember that there is no magic pill that will make you lose weight….We have listed some obvious claims below so you can see if the Venus Factor Weight Loss Program is for you or not.

How Does The Program Work?

In The Venus Factor 2.0 review, you must know that the Venus Factor 2.0 program has been designed to help you attain a healthy lifestyle. Once you start going through the system, you will be able to restore the optimum level of leptin in your body.

The Venus Factor 2.0 Review
The Venus Factor 2.0 Review

Helping your body to go into a fat trimming state, this guide ensures that you get to lose fat at ease. In addition, you will not have additional desires for nutritional requirements. Once you start following the Venus Factor 2.0 program, you will soon observe changes in terms of digestion, vitality, and so on.

The best part of this program is that women get to learn various dishes that can help them to lose weight faster. Designed to work better than any product existing in the market, the Venus Factor 2.0 free benefits you with the best multi-week diet plan.

Pros and Cons

Of course, there is no perfect program for everyone. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this diet plan to see if it will work for you.


  • Good for the health – The Venus Factor 2.0 actually works and the diet plan is good for the health. It effectively controls the appetite and helps reduce excess raw fat from the body. This diet plan is very good for your heart and liver.
  • 100% natural – The diet plans proposed in the Venus factor supplements program include all-natural means to control and reduce your body weight. It does not include any harmful supplements.
  • Money-back guarantee – If this diet plan doesn’t work for you and you are not happy with it, you can contact customer care for your refund within 60 days from the date of purchase. Venus Factor 2.0 reviews are very good, so no need to worry about the efficiency of the supplement.
  • Effective and affordable product – Fat loss surgery or gym membership will cost you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, Venus Factor 2.0 will cost only $37 to get the whole package. Thousands of people have already tried this product at an affordable price, and even get a lower cost if you get to spot a promotional offer.
  • Extra bonuses: Bonus will include: The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide, the Fat Burning 12-Week Workout Program, and 24-hour access to the Venus Online Community


  • Available online only – This product gets a lot of attention not only because of its easy weight loss but also due to issues like stealing of diet ingredients and other issues since you can get this product only through the official website and not on online stores like Walmart and Amazon.
  • Only for women – John Barban has created this revolutionary weight loss program specifically for women.

Why Venus Factor 2.0 is Useful?

If you are wondering does the Venus Factor 2.0 work, you must know in this review that this guide works better than most of the guides and supplements available in the market. Containing ebooks, video, and audio, this guide helps you in finding the best solution for losing weight.

This comprehensive guide comes with a 12-week plan that will tell you more about what food to eat and what to avoid. In addition, this Venus Factor 2.0 free download comes with training plans that assist you in knowing what exercises will help you in losing weight faster. The video library containing more than 100 videos helps you in understanding how you can lose weight in an effective manner.

The Venus Factor 2.0 Review proves that the nutrition calculator that comes along with this guide helps you in having a better understanding of the number of calories that you need to lose. Wonderful Venus Factor 2.0 results will actually show how this guide has been helpful to many women who have always wanted to lose weight.

The Venus Factor 2.0 Review

Should You Buy Venus Factor 2.0?

If you’re a woman who’s trying to lose weight, the answer is YES! This is the ONLY book you need. There’s no other women’s weight loss guide that’s better than this one.

With all the success stories from other women who have gotten the Venus Factor and applied it, there’s no doubt that the information works.

No starving yourself. No long exercise sessions. No time, energy or effort wasted.

This program is streamlined to help you maximize your weight-loss potential and it helps you reach it. The information is specific to women which makes it effective for targeting the flabby problem areas that most women want to get rid of.

How To buy Venus Factor 2.0?

It is only available on Official website…

The Venus Factor 2.0 Review
The Venus Factor 2.0 Review

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