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The Shingle Solution Reviews

The Shingle Solution review – People who suffer from shingle know how furious you feel with dealing it. It is an unpleasant illness that makes a drastic change in your health condition that becomes a disorder. The shingles are horribly painful and it lasts for several months and makes you feel ashamed in crowd. It makes you to deal with itching and pain that gives you more discomforts. If you wish to overcome this hectic condition, then you must take the right action now. Hope this review about the Shingle Solution can help you with the proper remedy to overcome shingles.

The Shingle Solution review

What is The Shingle Solution?

The Shingle Solution is a natural shingles treatment program that is created by a natural health practitioner Julissa Clay. It has a solid reputation and there were thousands of delighted followers. The program kills the virus completely that causes the shingles. It helps to overcome the Postherpetic neuralgia PHN which is the common complication of shingles. This program helps to make the Shingles a distant memory and melt the PHN in some weeks. It makes you feel incredible, relieved, and grateful. The program The Shingle Solution is made of natural remedies that work well than any other medicine that failed. It is easy to follow and works effectively that could resolve the pain and itching of shingles. The Shingle Solution review

  • Get rid of nerve and brain damage.
  • Prevents the risk of tumors.
  • Controls blood sugar levels in a healthy range.
  • Avoids degenerative brain diseases and leaky gut.
  • Overcome metabolic syndrome, heart, and liver disease.
  • Clears shingles and its symptoms.
Product NameThe Shingle Solution
Main BenefitsWork on the root cause of the disease while also providing immediate relief
CreatorJulissa Clay
CategorySkin Care
Result21 Days of use
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What can you get in The Shingle Solution?

The Shingle Solution is split into 4 sections by Julissa. The Shingle Solution allows the readers of the e-book to have a step-by-step understanding of the disorder as it covers a full wide coverage of the information.

Phase 1: Where to start

It starts with an introduction to the program, the shingles disorder, and also teaches you diagnostic tools for testing for other viruses that may have been the cause of your shingles in the first place.

Phase 2: How can the machinery generate wellbeing or disease?

In this phase, it helps in supporting your immune system to protect your body against shingles.

The Shingle Solution book also lets you learn about mitochondria, innate immunity, adaptive immunity, and how the body naturally works to protect itself from shingles.

Also, in this phase, you will learn what lifestyle changes should be made. You will have to follow a good diet, lifestyle and be in a healthy environment.

Phase 3: Nature Calvary Calling

Phase 3 focuses more on the methods and techniques that can speed up your self-healing and self-recovery.

This includes recipes, learning about different types of food that will crucially help in your recovery, and also, learn about ways to support your mental health.

Phase 4: The Part Users Win Part 4

This contains a 7 Day Plan that teaches you what to do when you are suffering a shingles attack.

Aside from that, it covers an overview of the whole 21 days of methods, techniques, and other activities that you should follow to become shingles-free. The Shingle Solution review

Who Created it?

Renowned natural health expert, Julissa Clay, is the author of The Shingle Solution. You may recognize her name as she is well sought after within the natural health industry, due to her unique and thorough approaches that tackle health problems and concerns at the source. Julissa has created several other successful programs, all of which are designed to teach people how to self-heal.

How does The Shingle Solution to cure shingle work?

If you are looking for some program that is easy to follow, then The Shingle Solution ebook is for you. This program works by bringing a change in your diet and lifestyle. From the start, the creator tells you about the scientific reasons behind this program. Julissa Clay tells you about the five steps with which your body will get cured.

  • This program will help you by halting the virus in its track.
  • The lifestyle you will adopt from this program will help you detoxify and eliminate your body’s damaged cells.
  • It helps you by switching your genes back into a healthy configuration.
  • This program helps you boost the mitochondrial function and allows you to regenerate any damaged areas of your body.
  • The diet you have to follow with the program helps you maintain your body’s immune system.

The Shingle Solution review


  • You get a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. Hence, if you don’t like the program in the first 60 days, you’re welcome to cancel the program and get a full refund back with no questions asked. 
  • By boosting the immune system, you won’t just erase Shingles, but you will also have a stress free and healthy life. In the era of Coronavirus, we all need to have a strengthened immune system. 
  • The Shingle Solution program gives a huge boost to your immune system and makes sure that it fights off a lot of viruses. 
  • You will get rid of chronic diseases, fatigue, diabetes problems, and all sorts of brain diseases that make your metabolic diseases better too. 
  • More than a thousand users are getting treated with Shingles and they are as happy as it gets. You will get maximum health benefits with this program as well. 
  • Scabs are cleared and it will leave no scars at all. 
  • By creating a better mood, you will get confident in your everyday life, making you a better person overall. Without any pain and itching, you will get confidence, a better reaction in people, and good health overall, making you become better as a whole.  The Shingle Solution review
  • The Shingle Solution treats the root cause of PHN, preventing the occurrence of this virus again. 
  • The instructions in the programs are easy to follow, and you will be getting maximum benefits from following them. The Shingle Solution review

What You’ll Learn inside

The Shingle Solution is the ultimate guide for learning how to prevent or soothe the agonizing shingle symptoms quickly, effectively and safely. With this program, you learn the in’s and out’s of shingles, which can be found in the first two parts.

The last two parts are where you receive step-by-step actions you can take to begin ridding your nervous system of shingles to eradicate those horrible symptoms naturally and as fast as possible. The healing regime is separated into four weeks for gradual and thorough healing on a physical, emotional and mental level. Each week comes with a variety of exercises, recipes, food lists, and mindful activities, all of which are natural.  You learn effective deep breathing techniques to soothe the pain, delicious recipes to boost your immune system and end shingles, supplement guides for extra anti-shingle nutrition, teas, mindful movement exercises and much more. The Shingle Solution review

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect from the program as a whole:

  • How to Use This Book
  • Part 1: Where To Begin
    • Introduction
    • A Word on Viruses and the Micro-Verse at Large
    • What is Shingles
      • Symptoms of Singles
      • Herpes Zoster Complications
    • Diagnostic Tools: Testing for Varicella-Zoster Virus and Other Viral Herpes
      • Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing
      • ELIZA
      • Other
    • The BRIGHT SIDE of Contracting Shingles
    • Can Shingles Truly Be Cured?
  • Part 2: How Our Machinery Works to Produce Either Health or Disease
    • How The Body Protects Itself Against Shingles Through the Immune System
    • Innate Immunity
    • Mitochondria
    • Adaptive Immunity
    • The Gut Microbiome and Virome
  • Diet and Lifestyle Factors That Incite Virus Reactivation and Suppress Immunity
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle
    • Environment
    • Other
  • Part 3: Calling in Nature’s Cavalry
    • Anti-Shingles Diet
    • Dietary Artillery: Destroy the Virus, Boost the Immune System and Heal the Gut Using Nutrients and Whole Foods
      • Varicella-Fighting Nutrients
      • Probiotics
      • Foods With Specific Anti-Shingle Properties
      • Teas, Herbs and Spices
      • Dietary Fats and Cooking Oils
      • Cooking Methods
    • Mindfulness, Deep Breathing and the Internal Art of Pain Management
      • Take a Deep Breath and Let It All Go
      • Release Tension and Alleviate Pain Through Movement
    • Anti-Shingles Lifestyle Interventions
      • Caloric Restriction and Fasting
      • Good Sleep Hygiene
      • Spending Time Outdoors
    • Part 4: The Part Where You Win
      • Phase One: What TO Do In the Midst of a Shingles Attack (7 Day Plan)
      • Phase Two: Conquer Your Shingles in as Little as 21 Days
        • Week 1
        • Week 2
        • Week 3
        • Week 4 and Beyond
      • Conclusion
    • Appendices
      • Appendix 1: Immediate Pain Relief
        • Topical Ointment for Pain Relief
        • MSM and Vitamin C for Aching Joints
        • Cannabinoids for Pain and Stress Relief
        • What to Do for Muscle Cramps or Discomfort
      • Appendix 2: Anti-Shingles Diet Food Lists
        • Foods to Avoid
        • Foods to Consume
      • Appendix 3: Carefully Calculated Recipes for Success
        • The Silver Bullet Breakfast Smoothie
        • Quince Puree – Your Daily Dose of Quercetin and Kaempferol
        • Apple Puree – The Vegan Alternative to Milk Kefir
        • Fermented Berry-Chia Puree – Upping the Ante with Resveratrol and Conjugated Omega 3’s
        • Fermented Herbal Tea Blend for Conquering Shingles
        • Chamomile Tea – Your Before Bedtime Drink
        • Preventing Secondary Infections with Apple Cider Vinegar and Oregano Essential Oil
        • Olive Oil Infused Garlic Gloves
        • Example Anti-Herpes Soup Recipe with Step-By-Step Calculations
      • Appendix 4: Supplement Regiment
        • Amino Acids
        • Anti-Shingles Nutraceuticals
        • Optional Supplements for Improved Immune Support
        • Minerals
        • Vitamins
        • Thyroid Support
        • Thymus Support
        • Digestive Support
      • Appendix 5: Beginner Guide to Deep Breathing and Mindful Movement
        • Deep Breathing Technique
        • Mindful Movement Exercises
The Shingle Solution review

How Well Does The Shingle Solution Works For You?

The Shingle Solution works effectively with the remedies to quickly eliminate the terrible itching and pain of shingles.  This program is completely rejuvenating in which it boosts your immune system for your long term health.

It makes your body fight against the intense irritability caused by itching and pain for your life. It never pushes towards facing any side effects where it decreases the horrifying pain that strangulate your happiness.

This all-natural remedy that solves shingles in the perfect natural way without causing you any side effects. This program shows you the effective way of treating your illness while you’ve got and got some complete relief in just days.

This program works based on the hard science applied to a distressing and painful disease practically. This solution works in a simple plan delivered to you in straightforward and completely natural phases over just four weeks.

Each phase comes with a daily instruction sheet that are easy to follow by anyone at any age. It shows you clearly what to do and when to do without any guesswork. The first seven days are more strict than the rest of the plan.

By implementing gentle changes in your body, you can easily enjoy powerful benefits. This program offers you quick, lasting relief from the itching and pain that you’ve been suffering from the onset of illness.

It makes your immune system comes back online, a strong and powerful way to fight off all kinds of affliction includes shingles. Julissa’s solution helps prevent you from rom illness and repair your body’s varied structures that prevent your internal processes. The Shingle Solution review

How much does The Shingle Solution cost?

The Shingle Solution is currently offered at a one-time price of $49. Once paid, individuals will immediately gain access to the digital (PDF/e-book) version of this program. Also, the company will provide updates made on new natural treatments for shingles along the way and provided at no extra charge. If individuals prefer the physical book, that option will be available at checkout as well.

Finally, should the tips and tricks shared in The Shingle Solution fail to bring desirable results, customer service can be contacted for a full refund. This is because the program has since been backed by a 100%, 60-day money-back guarantee. The best way(s) to contact the customer service team are listed below:

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