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Normal Diet for Kids

Normal Diet for Kids – Many schools cannot provide this type of therapy with the frequency necessary due to large caseloads, limited time, and that the child’s sensory issues may not be impacting them enough within the classroom to warrant treatment from an educational standpoint.

Normal Diet for Kids
Normal Diet for Kids

Many parents who are new to this type of therapy misunderstand greatly, and think a sensory diet is certain kinds of foods, or that the only kinds of activities that can help are those done in the OT clinic. Not true.

The best and only expert on each of our children is… YOU. YOU know what kinds of behaviors you are seeing. BE the etective with your child.

First, study and write down through the course of a few days the behaviors you are seeing/what’s happening at home. For example…… Normal Diet for Kids

He spins through the house, crashing into everything! The Sensory Diet solution is: Give him something SAFE to spin and crash on.

She mouths everything in sight! The Sensory Diet solution is: Give her more appropriate things to mouth, increase oral activities. Normal Diet for Kids

He jumps all over the furniture! The Sensory Diet solution is: Give him a safe space and something to jump on (i.e.: purchase a yard sale couch to jump on, and put huge pillows all around it, prior to the trampoline).

Normal Diet for Kids – Each child is so very different, and has different requirements. But if you LOOK at what they are doing… they ARE telling you, in the only way they know how, with their behaviors, what they are needing. Take what they already DO and make it safer. More appropriate. That’s the beginning of your sensory diet.

Give them what they are needing, in better, safer, healthier ways. Redirect them to a safer way to get the same input. And make it fun! They’ll feel better for being able to do these things for as long as they need to. And you’ll be happier NOT hollering “Get OFF the couch!”

Diets should be worked right into the day. Like carrying the laundry basket or bringing in the groceries. Measuring out ingredients when cooking. Pulling a sibling in a wagon. Swinging. Exercising” with Mom. Moving and dancing to fun songs. Normal Diet for Kids

Normal Diet for Kids – Offer different things throughout the day. Keep in mind, you can help them through ALL their senses…

  • Is a certain candle soothing to your child? Another alerting?
  • Does your child blissfully sit in front of the fish tank, or watch the flames in the fireplace?
  • Is a slow walk at sunset calming to them?
  • Do they LOVE to be hugged tight, or rolled up in their towel after their bath?
  • Does certain music wind them up? And other music make them sleepy or quiet?
  • Is white noise calming or irritating?

This is exactly what needs to be figured out and needs to be continued as time passes and their needs change. Then, you can also work on specific issues, by adding more sensory exercises in those areas. But the most important thing is examining the behaviors and issues of your own child and begin working on the ways to add or decrease input that directly helps them. Normal Diet for Kids.

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