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Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement – In the current scenario, to get a dream body is still a dream for many. We want to get ripped, we want to get strong, and we want to maintain a healthy body. Though we have adequate training to keep our body healthy and productive, diet and food play a crucial role in reaching our dream body. To maintain our body in this digital lifestyle is a question mark. Now let us see what a dream body is.

Masszymes Reviews - Digestive Enzyme Supplement
Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

The dream body is all about having strong muscles and performs more with the same energy levels throughout the day. Protein plays a crucial role in building mass muscles. We should take protein-rich food to build muscles. In other words, muscles are developed with proteins. Eating an adequate amount of protein promotes muscle growth. There are about 10000 types of proteins found in our body, from organs to muscles and tissues.

But just eating protein is enough?

Physical activity is a must to build your muscles. That’s is why people hit the gyms to reach their dream body. Gyms and physical training centers can only guide you to build muscles. But it is essential to gain strong and healthy muscles. Physical workout along with the proper protein diets is necessary. Taking the right amount of protein is ok but are you aware of whether your muscle absorbs those proteins that you take regularly? When we take protein, our body breaks down those protein sources into amino acids, otherwise called individual building blocks. These building blocks are necessary for everyday living and to improve muscles’ strength. Due to some changing circumstances, a person’s protein requirement increases to control certain conditions like aging or strenuous exercise. When we get older, our body absorbs protein slowly. Athletes have a higher necessity for protein intake to rebuild and maintain muscle health. You need to take positive dietary steps to improve your body absorb protein. Protein is maintaining overall digestive health. It means protein digestion requires a strong interaction between the stomach and enzyme.

Product Name:Masszymes
Author/Creator:Wade Lightheart
Price:$69.00 to $297.00
Money Back Guarantee:365 Days
Official Website:https://masszymes.com

Enzymes are small molecules that create and speed up the rate of chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes play a crucial role in performing tasks that include destroying toxins, building muscles, and breaking down food particles during Digestion. The digestive enzymes are called complex proteins that our body makes to break the food into small molecules to make it easy to absorb into your body. Amylase, protease, and lipase are the three main types of digestive enzymes. All these enzymes are essential for proper Digestion to maintain a healthy body. Now the real problems start when we suffer from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.

What is Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency? – Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) is a condition where people face a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. During this condition, you cannot digest food properly. Various conditions can damage your pancreas and causes EPI. Even in the rare case, pancreatitis may also cause EPI directly and damages the pancreatic cells that make digestive enzymes. Some of the symptoms identified of enzyme deficiency include lack of muscle coordination, degeneration of the brain, loss of muscle tone, enlarged liver, spleen, etc.

To increase enzyme production in the body, you have to follow proper diets with the necessary food intake. But due to the current scenario, you don’t have time to spare for yourself. All we need a natural solution to build our muscles and have proper Digestion. Your body needs powerful enzymes to grow your muscles faster and gain more strength and power. Many supplements made us believe that more proteins give more muscles.

The truth behind it is when we have so much protein, but it all becomes waste without enzymes. The reason is your small intestine is the one that works to absorb protein and break it down into small building blocks called an amino acid.

Finally, the natural solution called MassZymes 3.0 partnered with AtraZymeTM designed to absorb proper nutrients in the body. Masszymes are a supplement also called protein-digesting enzymes. To build your body muscles, you need to take more proteins and digest those proteins with enzymes. Masszymes are the best solution to fill your body with the required enzymes. Masszymes do more than giving just enzymes to your body. Let us see what MassZymes is all about. Masszymes give you strong muscles, a healthy digestive system, and supports performance. This article reveals about Masszymes ingredients, benefits, and its pricing and availability.

What is Masszymes? – Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

For beginners, MassZymes is a medical-grade, sophisticated enzyme formula that assists you to achieve lean muscular tissue gains, faster recovery after exercises, and promotes optimum food digestion.

Masszymes 3.0 is a digestive enzyme supplement that is generally targeted to athletes. The reasons for taking this digestive enzyme supplement are mainly to quit bloatingeliminate food digestion pains and make the best use of gains for professional athletes. The item does this by boosting the absorption rate of proteins and amino acids that athletes require for muscle gain and recovery.

Masszymes is the most formidable protein-digesting enzyme created to help you absorb all the protein that you take in through your diet. It was created through the collaboration of a vegetarian bodybuilder known as Wade Lightheart and highly qualified enzyme scientists. Wade stumbled upon this discovery when he started taking medical-grade enzymes to better his protein absorption.

He realized that the key to proper absorption of proteins into the body was to have protease, an enzyme that breaks down proteins into absorbable amino acids. So a supplement containing enzymes to break down proteins in their different digestion levels was born. Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Masszymes Reviews - Digestive Enzyme Supplement
Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

What’s wrong with having too much protein? – Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

You may be wondering, so what if I am taking too much protein? I’m not going to lie; I asked the same question.

An article was reviewing all the research on the adverse effects of overeating protein. Too much protein is eating above the recommended amount of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.

The following are negative impacts of a high protein, high meat diet:

  • Bone loss and hip fracture
  • Problems with kidneys
  • Increased cancer risk
  • Disorders of liver function
  • Heart disease

The review concluded that a high protein diet is useless or even harmful for healthy individuals.

Many people are taking too much protein supplements and do not worry about the risks or do not know. I am the latter. I had no idea that too much protein was harmful.

I always had this belief that protein is better than carbs or fat. Too many carbs can make you fat, and fats can clog your arteries. And eating lots of protein is more beneficial—what a load of BS.

Now, I know better. Extra protein is not used efficiently by the body. And, too much protein may even cause kidney and liver disease.

Moreover, high meat diet is associated with an increased risk of heart attacks or even cancer. Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Masszymes Reviews - Digestive Enzyme Supplement
Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

What does MassZymes do?

MassZymes does wonders for your body if you allow it to. The list of benefits extends far beyond the effects that are achieved with the rest of the dietary supplements of this kind. If its benefits are not enough to convince you to make this great investment, then probably nothing will. And so, here are the greatest benefits that MassZymes promises to bring you closer to with the simple daily use of this great supplement!

  • Faster muscle growth;
  • Shorter recovery period;
  • Reduced muscle soreness;
  • Increased muscle strength;
  • Toned muscles;
  • Reduced joint pain;
  • Healthier digestion;
  • Improved absorption;
  • Reduced digestive issues;
  • Improved energy levels;
  • Enhanced immune system;
  • Improved sleep quality;
  • Reduced insomnia;
  • Better mental clarity, focus, and memory.

MassZymes ingredients

  • Protease – Protease is the key ingredient found in MassZymes. This is a special class of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of proteins into amino acids that your body can easily absorb and then use to grow your muscles.
  • Peptidase – Peptidase is yet another protease variant that takes part in the breakdown of proteins. The proteins are broken down into peptides and amino acids through the process of hydrolysis.
  • Amylase – Amylase is an enzyme, naturally found in our body, or in our saliva and pancreatic fluid to be more precise. It takes care of the starches by breaking them down into a sugar called maltose, helping the body to digest them and derive the energy from the carbs that you intake through bread, rice, pasta, etc.
  • Bromelain – Bromelain is another protein-digesting enzyme extracted from pineapple. This is a very powerful enzyme, being able, not only to help us digest proteins, but to also strengthen our immune system, take care of any inflammation in the body, and even act as a decongestant.
  • Alpha-galactosidase – You will find Alpha-galactosidase in formulas that promise to relieve any bloating and gas with that being the main goal of this strong enzyme. To do that, Alpha-galactosidase helps break down the complex carbs often found in our diet.
  • Glucoamylase – Glucoamylase is similar to one of the enzymes that we mentioned before – amylase. Like amylase, glucoamylase also takes care of the breakdown of starches into simple sugars that are more easily absorbed in the body.
  • Lactase – If you have been dealing with lactose intolerance, your doctor has probably recommended a lactase supplement. Lactase is an enzyme, naturally produced in the lining of the small intestines, that helps the breakdown of lactose into simpler sugar forms with those being glucose and galactose.
  • Lipase – Lipase is included in the breakdown process of fats. It is naturally secreted by the pancreas, and it works closely alone the bile that is secreted from the gallbladder to achieve the digestion of fats.
  • Invertase – Invertase is yet another important enzyme included in the breakdown of sugars into much more simple sugar forms such as fructose and glucose that our body can easily use.
  • Malt diastase – Malt diastase is included in the breakdown of starches working along with amylase and glucoamylase.
  • Phytase – Thanks to phytase, phytate acid, which is an indigestible, organic form of phosphorous, can be broken down and then properly used. Because our body is unable to produce this vital enzyme, it is up to us to intake it through food and supplements.
  • Pectinase – Pectinase helps break down pectin, thus making juicing a lot easier. Next time you are preparing your favorite juice, do not forget to say thanks to pectinase!
  • Hemicellulose – As the term suggests, hemicellulose is an enzyme that has the single goal of breaking down hemicellulose. Hemicellulose is found in your favorite breakfast cereal, and it requires this important enzyme to get digested and absorbed.
  • Beta glucanase – Beta-glucans, found in yeast, fungi, oats, barley, etc. get to be digested and absorbed in the body, thanks to the enzyme known as beta-glucanase.
  • AstraZyme – And last but not least important, we have the blend of enzymes that are included in the breakdown of proteins, thus enhancing the absorption of amino acids and peptides.
Serving Size: 3
Servings per container: ~83
Amount Per Serving% RDA
Tri-Phase Protease Blend (300,000 HUT)551MG **
Protease 6.030,000 HUT**
Protease 4.5255,000 HUT**
Protease 3.0180 SAPU **
Peptidase15,000 HUT**
Enzyme Blend511MG **
Amylase22,500 DU**
Bromelain3,000,000 FCCPU**
Alpha-galactosidase450 GAIU**
Glucoamylase30 AGU**
Lactase3,000 ALU**
Lipase3,000 FIP**
Invertase1,275 SU**
Malt Diastase975 DP**
Phytase9 U**
Pectinase21 ENDO-PG**
Hemicellulase1,200 HCU**
Beta Glucanase9 BG**
AstraZyme (proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes)105mg**

** Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Rice Bran, Water

Benefits Of MassZymes

  • 100% plant-based naturally-derived digestive enzyme blend
  • Contains highly concentration of enzymes that are active at a variety of acidity levels, which ensures optimal digestion throughout the entire digestive tract
  • Highly concentrated with enzymes that digest proteins, starches, sugars, fibers, and fats
  • Maximize digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Complete coverage of your digestion with 16 different digestive enzymes
  • High dose with 100,000 HUT protease per capsule.
  • More efficient enzymes through the addition of AstraZyme
  • No fillers and artificial additives
  • One tenth of your purchase goes to charity
  • Relieves indigestion, gas, bloating, and fatigue after meals
  • Defend against gluten
  • Contains both digestive and systemic protein-digesting enzymes
  • Take with meals to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption
  • It’s the best for your gut health and works to support your immune system
  • Take on empty stomach for systemic enzyme benefits
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee with respect to quality, purity, potency, and effectiveness
  • Produced in small batches with medical-grade ingredients
  • Improve exercise recovery and tissue remodeling, which is important for wound healing and skin rejuvenation
  • Incomplete protein digestion can result in food fragments that can cause food allergies or sensitivities. Masszymes is designed to maximize protein digestion and minimize inflammation from food

Side-Effects Of MassZymes

  • According to the official website of MassZymes, there are no known side-effects caused by the use of their daily supplement.
  • Some users may experience some symptoms such as: Abdominal cramps, Diarrhea or Skin rash. Note that other dietary supplements are known to cause way worse and much more difficult side-effects.
  • If you have any health issue, it’s recommend to consult your doctor before using MassZymes.

How Does MassZymes Work Exactly?

Here is the key factor. There are several ingredients making up MassZymes. They all play a role to some extent, but by far the most important are protease and AstraGin.

According to the creators, most if not all of these supplements have little or poor quality levels of enzymes, making them useless for building muscle.

Most contain little to no protease much needed for protein digestion. Instead, they seem to contain amylase, which digests carbs, and lipase, which digests fats.

This is because protease is the most expensive to produce and there are many kinds of protease enzymes to choose from. Instead, MassZymes claims to contain the 5 strongest proteases.

Masszymes contains protease, which helps breakdown protein to improve muscle protein synthesis.

In turn, better muscle protein synthesis reduces strength loss and boosts short term strength recovery while training.

You might be thinking that you can just buy digestive enzymes anywhere, but this is where people go wrong, even me.

I tried digestive enzymes before, and the result was disappointing. Even doubling the recommended dosage didn’t help. I don’t recommend changing the dosage, by the way.

Masszymes recognizes the low-quality problem with enzyme supplements, and I quote Wade Lightheart (more on Wade later):

“They need to be loaded with protease… protease is THE most critical enzyme for protein digestion — and as you just learned, only enzymes can convert protein into the amino acids your body needs for energy, mood, fat-burning metabolism, strength, and more.
Protease is also the most expensive enzyme to produce, and there are several kinds of protease enzymes.
Most formulations are stuffed with cheap amylase (digests carbohydrates) and low quality lipase (digests fats)… while protease tends to be low in both quality and quantity.”

Wade Lightheart

There you have it, no wonder the cheap digestive enzymes I bought was not effective in reducing my bloating and gas after drinking 30 grams of protein powder.

You don’t have to believe Wade or me. You can try the enzymes at your local vitamin shop yourself. And if it works for you, kudos. After all, everyone is different.

So, recognizing the hole in the market, so to speak, and wanting to use for himself, Wade found an opportunity. Wade created the best digestive enzymes on the market that are loaded with protease. 

After many years, Masszymes have evolved from original Masszymes to the current offering, Masszymes 3.0. Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Why choose Masszymes over Other Products? – Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Masszymes is a life-changing protein supplement that contains 85000 HUTS of protease in each capsule and no other company so far has ever provided this much protease in a single capsule.

Masszymes does not have any side effects as compared to other protein supplements.

Most supplement companies tend to use cheap protease when preparing the supplements. They focus on cutting down their costs and ensuring the realization of maximum profits, therefore they supply supplements that are not up to the standards.

Who Created MassZymes 3.0 – Masszymes Reviews – Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Masszymes 3.0 advanced enzyme formula is created by the firm BiOptimizers. The initial launch of the Masszymes supplement was back in 2005 and it received raving reviews and acceptance by its target audience composed of professional athletes and also bodybuilders.

The firm generally focuses on products that boost digestive wellness and they additionally have plans of expanding their suite of wellness solutions into numerous even more areas.

The firm owners, Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart were among several of the leading personal health and fitness trainers at Globe’s Health club which lies in downtown Vancouver. Wade Lightheart is a 3-time natural muscle building champ and also he took care of to attain this while being on a vegan diet plan.

The founders decided to coordinate with scientists ahead up with a secure and reliable item, that can assist bodybuilders and also professional athletes to increase the amount of enzymes in their body, which subsequently increase the absorption of vital proteins and also amino acids for growth as well as recovery.

Where To Buy MassZymes 3.0

The product can only be bought online when bought it will certainly be delivered to the customer on a regular monthly basis up until they terminate their order. The rate of the product depends on what kind of plan you acquire.

  1. The most affordable rate offering for the Masszymes 3.0 product is $69 for a solitary container (250 pills) monthly.
  2. The 2nd package costs $177 for 3 containers of Masszymes 3.0 every month.
  3. The third plan costs $297 for 6 containers of Masszymes 3.0 every month.

The Masszymes 3.0 product is targeted at boosting digestion, this can have countless health and wellness impacts such as:

  1. Removal of indigestion, constipation as well as excess gas.
  2. Increase in energy levels: When the body has a hard time absorbing food, we get worn out due to the fact that of the power it is increasing to correctly digest the amount of food eaten. Masszymes 3.0 assists the body to absorb quickly, leaving you with even more energy.
  3. Decreased inflammation in the intestine: Acid indigestion can lead to the inflammation of the intestine, Masszymes 3.0 acts as a preventative versus this.
  4. Enhanced muscle mass recuperation and gain: Boosted break down of healthy proteins into amino acids enables the body to recover far more promptly from the workout as well as also assists enhance the rate of muscle mass gain.
  5. Enhanced joint wellness.

The Final Verdict

Masszyme is a product that has been tested and has proven to be a top performer in the market. Many of us have great stories of success with this product.

The best part? You can eat whatever you want, and get the nutrients 100%. That translates into a healthier life from day one. Really, if you ever had stomach issues, this is a great way to start. However, if you’ve had issues gaining muscle, and you’re eating correctly, this is sure to help you!

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