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G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW – G-Force is a new supplement for teeth that no one expected to be existed. It’s a full natural supplement that replaces bad breath with a fresher one, killing bacteria behind tooth decay, and finally cure gum disease.


Is that even real? Does G Force supplement really work?

There are a lot to talk about this so called “Advanced Dental Health Formula” and its creator Daniel Moore.

So, let’s take a deeper look at G Force supplement in this G-Force supplement review, and see the 7 undeniable facts about it.

Please take a deep breath, pay close attention, and let’s get started…

Product TitleG-force
Main BenefitsReduce swelling and irritation in the gums and improve overall oral health.
IngredientsNatural & Proven Ingredients
Administration RouteOral
DosageTake every day with the evening meal with half a glass of water
ResultTake 2 to 3 months
Side EffectsNo side effects
Quantity60 Veggie Capsules
Price$69.00 (Check for Discount)
AvailabiltyThrough Official website
Official websiteClick Here

What is G-Force Supplement?

Bad breath, sensitive teeth, bleeding or weak gums, and other teeth and gum-related health concerns can be problematic.

It can even limit you to the kinds of food you want to eat like having to avoid cold food because of tooth sensitivity.

Teeth and gum problems are common not only to old people but to all age groups.

This is why G-Force dietary supplement is formulated to help you repair the damages in your teeth and gums and fully restore them back to their full health.

It ultimately prevents you from suffering painful gum and teeth problems while also supporting your teeth’ natural defense barrier.

Because the G-Force supplement is powerful, it can even provide other benefits that affect other parts or systems in your body, namely the liver, metabolic, digestive, and even the immune system.

G-Force is made from a natural formula that also uses veggie capsules to hold all the nutrients it has to offer in every intake.

There are zero additives or artificial ingredients added in the creation of the G-Force supplement which makes it completely safe to take.

Over thousands of people have used the G-Force supplement daily and so far, none have reported negative feedback toward the product. G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW


How does the formula of G-Force work? – G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW

G-Force uses a self-sufficient formula that does that job on its own.

G-Force supplement is orally taken that provides the needed nutrients and antioxidants to the body to start the healing and improvement of your teeth and gum health.

The formula works by fighting the harmful bacteria in your mouth and eliminates the bacteria build up in your teeth and gums.

It supports the production of good bacteria in the body and prevents dental issues from existing.

Since the formula is made from natural ingredients, the body is able to absorb the formula easily after taking the capsules.

G-Force lets you say goodbye to yellow and sensitive teeth while also eliminating that bad breath you constantly worry about when having conversations with other people.

G-force is founded on the idea that gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath are unrelated to your oral hygiene.

Even if you brush your teeth daily, you can still develop gum disease and tooth decay.

Modern dental science tells us that dental hygiene is crucial for oral health. People who don’t brush their teeth tend to have worse oral health than people who do brush their teeth.

The makers of G-force, however, flip that concept on its head, claiming the two are unrelated:

“Despite popular belief, gum disease, tooth decay and even bad breath have nothing to do with how good your oral hygiene is…But with dangerous bacteria buried deep inside your gums, eating at your roots and creating deadly complications for your eyes, throat, heart and lungs.”

In fact, even people who brush ten times per day will not eliminate this bacteria – no matter how hard they try, even the most advanced cleaning treatments will not destroy the bacteria lurking in your mouth.

With that in mind, G-force is formulated to support the underlying issues that virtually any tooth or gum problem derives from regardless of your age, the severity of your condition, or your oral hygiene habits. G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW


G-Force contains a blend of herbal extracts, plant-based ingredients, and zinc.

The company packages all of these ingredients into a vegetable capsule with rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide used as fillers, binders, and preservatives.

The full list of ingredients in G-Force includes:

Minerals: G-Force contains 30mg of zinc or 273% of your Daily Value (DV).

Herbal Extracts: G-Force contains 50mg of yarrow flower extract, 50mg of chance Piedra extract, 50mg of chicory root extract, 50mg of jujube seed, and undisclosed dosages of burdock root, yellow dock root, feverfew extract, turmeric root, berberine, and ginger.

Plant and Vegetable Extracts: G-Force contains 50mg of artichoke leaf extract, 50mg of beetroot extract, 200mg of milk thistle seed extract, and undisclosed dosages of celery seed, alfalfa, grape seed extract, and red raspberry fruit.

Other Ingredients: G-Force contains 50mg of jujube seed extract and undisclosed dosages of methionine, L-cysteine, N-acetyl cysteine, and choline. G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW

Scientific Evidence for G-Force – G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW

G-Force has not completed any clinical trials or scientific studies. There is no documented evidence anyone has used G-Force to cure tooth decay, eliminate gum disease, or prevent their teeth from falling out, among other claims made in the G-Force video.

Despite the lack of evidence, Daniel insists he has tested G-Force on dozens of people with no reported side effects and a 100% success rate. Oddly, Daniel does not link to that study, disclose the specific results, or provide any information proving it took place.

Daniel makes a big deal out of his berberine use, which he claims is linked with powerful dental benefits.

Some people with diabetes take berberine to help manage blood sugar. Some studies have shown that berberine makes it easier for your body to manage blood sugar, which is why you can find berberine in many diabetic supplements.

Some studies have shown that berberine could help improve periodontal bone loss by regulating bacteria in your mouth – although most of those studies were small, performed decades ago, or performed on rats – not humans.

For example, in this 2018 study, researchers gave rats berberine and found it improved bone loss in death by balancing bacteria in the mouth. Meanwhile, this 1992 study published by researchers in China found that berberine, which is common in traditional Chinese medicine, improved bacterial measurements in animals before a root canal. Meanwhile, this 2020 study found that berberine mediated root modeling in immature teeth by targeting stem cells, enhancing tooth repair.

Unfortunately, berberine is the second-last listed ingredient in G-Force’s proprietary formula, which tells us there’s only a small amount of berberine – or even trace amounts – in the formula. You’re better off taking a dedicated berberine supplement.

As WebMD explains, Chanca Piedra is a plant used to make traditional medicine, and some studies show it could have activity against viruses and other issues. However, there are few major studies on Chanca Piedra overall, making it difficult to verify its dental health effects.

The biggest problem with G-Force is that it advertises similar benefits to a mouthwash: the company claims the ingredients in G-Force kill germs within your mouth and support a healthy bacterial environment – just like any $5 mouthwash available from the store. It’s unclear how G-Force is more or less effective than an ordinary mouthwash.

The other ingredients in G-Force are not linked with significant oral health benefits, nor have they been proven to solve tooth decay, gum disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, or other conditions mentioned on the G-Force sales page. At under 50mg per serving for most ingredients, these ingredients’ dosages also seem too low to impact oral health significantly. G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW

Ingredients in G-Force Teeth Supplement – G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW

G-force product is a blend of natural ingredients in a specific ratio. Here is the list of G-force ingredients:

  • Zinc: It prevents plaque and dental calculus formation.
  • Milk Thistle: It helps in liver health.
  • Artichoke: It is beneficial to help stimulate the flow of bile from the liver.
  • Beetroot: It avoids tooth decay and plaque formation.
  • Chancapiedra whole plant: It is helpful in a situation when one might have kidney stones.
  • Dandelion root: It helps avoid tooth decay.
  • Chicory root: It improves overall liver health.
  • Yarrow flowers: These are useful to reduce toothache and it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Jujube seed: It has tranquilizing properties.
  • Celery seed: Helps fight gum diseases.
  • Alfalfa: It is used to cure liver conditions.
  • Burdock root: It has detoxifying properties.
  • Yellow dock root: Used to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Methionine: Helps to reduce liver problems.
  • Grape seed extract: It strengthens tooth enamel.
  • L-Cystine: Reduces dental decay and plaque formation.
  • Feverfew: It reduces painful inflammations.

This wide range of ingredients that are natural and organic make G-force a reliable product. G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW



G-force fills your saliva with antibiotic compounds that target bacteria in your teeth and gums.

Instead of removing bacteria by brushing and rinsing your mouth, G-force strengthens your mouth from the inside out.

Using herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, G-force fills your body with ingredients that support healthy inflammation and antioxidant activity.

In fact, the makers of G-force claim the ingredients “work like natural antibiotics” and are capable of “removing dangerous hotbeds of infections in just a few hours.”

By supporting healthy bacteria levels in your mouth, G-force claims to fortify your gums, strengthen your teeth, and help solve other serious dental problems. G-FORCE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW

What to Expect After Taking G-force

According to the G-force website, people who take the supplement can enjoy powerful benefits.

After taking the supplement for a few weeks, you can enjoy the same oral health benefits as 32,000 other people who have already taken the formula.

The sales page claims people who take G-force can expect all of the following benefits:

  • No more inflamed, bleeding gums
  • No more dental infections or bad breath
  • No more tooth or gum pain, and no need to take pain medication
  • No need to cover your mouth or feel embarrassed
  • The ability to eat whatever you like, whenever you want
  • The freedom to smile, talk and be proud of your teeth

If you have poor oral health, then all of these benefits sound great. People with bad teeth and gum problems may not be able to eat the foods they like, for example. Others are afraid to smile in public.

G-force claims to solve all of these problems using a 100% natural solution with no side effects. Let’s take a closer look at the story behind G-force to understand how it works.

Where to Buy G-Force?

G-Force can only be bought from Buy Goods or the product’s official website. It comes at amazing discounts at the moment, not to mention there are many offers on it, for those who want to buy more than 1 bottle. Here are the offered deals:

G-Force also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means it can be returned to the manufacturing company for a full refund, but only within the first 60 days after it has been purchased. Some people may think it doesn’t work for them, but it’s very unlikely this will happen. The G-Force customer service team is friendly and ready to answer any question or to solve all sort of inquiries, at the following email address:


It should be noted refunds won’t be released if the products get sent back and customer service hasn’t been contacted first to be informed about the return.

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