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Cinderella Solution Reviews

Cinderella Solution Reviews – The Cinderella Solution is a simple and practical weight loss program designed on a flavor-paring method. My review will tell you how it works and if it does.

The problem with most diets or weight loss programs is that they are too scientific because you need to plan your meals with military precision and weigh everything to the last gram.

Who has time for that? Plus, most diets are based on theories that sound like out from a science fiction movie, which makes it difficult to achieve your weight loss goals. Cinderella Solution Reviews

Cinderella Solution Reviews

That’s why even the best weight loss programs do work for a while but not forever, simply because they are not practical or sustainable, setting you up for weight rebounds and failures.

I too was overweight throughout my life, always having to keep in check my calories and watching every bite.

Results would come and go and I could never find a way to reach my ideal body weight and maintain it. I’d try a diet, even workout, then get some results only to bounce back to my old self once more.

Product Name:The Cinderella Solution
Author/Creator:Carly Donovan
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:http://www.cinderellasolution.com

I found that the most difficult part of losing weight is actually the maintenance part. Not that losing weight is easy at all, to begin with, but I found that it pales compared to keeping your desired body weight down once you get there.

What is the Cinderella Solution Program?

Cinderella Solution aims to help all women who struggle to lose weight. 

With this well designed program, you don’t have to go through intense workouts, starve yourself or deprive yourself with your favorite food again because the program will teach you tips, tricks and information you will need to know in order to consume food healthily while losing weight.

The Cinderella Solution program does not require you to create a big change in your lifestyle, rather, it inspires you to create good decisions and amazing choices in your meals that will make you lose weight in just 28 days.  Cinderella Solution Reviews

Cinderella Solution Reviews

With everything you will learn from the Cinderella Solution program, you can carry that knowledge and learnings with you so you can still apply it in your life even after the program ends.

You can also share and inspire your friends and family with the experiences you had so they can make a change in their lives, just like what you did.

Who designed the Cinderella solution?

The Cinderella solution was created by a woman that has been overweight before and has been in the weight loss business for over ten years. Her name is Cary Donovan. She has been an agent of change in the weight loss process for many years. She discovered that women in countries like Japan, China, and Spain did not suffer weight issues like other women in the rest of the world. With careful research, she found the solution to defray weight issues. The answer is what is called the Cinderella solution. Cinderella Solution Reviews

What is the Cinderella solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a program that is designed to help women reduce weight in 28 days. There are lots of weight reduction programs out there, these other programs usually require rigorous processes, and they may take longer before you begin to see changes. But the Cinderella solution process is less stressful and direct in approach. The program is in two phases: the ignite phase and launch phase. Each of the stages takes 14days to complete.It involves meal plans that require the combination of certain types of foods. These types of foods, when combined, will create a biochemical reaction that can help with effective weight loss and also reduce fat. From the research of Cary Donavan, it was discovered that women from some parts of the world do eat foods that are high in fat, calories, and carbohydrates, but they did not add weight. After much observation and study, she was able to discover that it was like that not because of the foods they eat, but how they combine these foods. The program process will require a combination of different types of foods, which can be combined with a low impact workout to achieve the targeted goal of weight loss and fat reduction in women. This product is designed to enable women to lose weight in a way that befits them because most men will hit the gym if they want to lose weight, but the Cinderella solution is a more technical approach to losing weight. It is a well-known fact that most women add weight due to lifestyle, family history, and diet. But the Cinderella solution comes with an approach that will defray these factors, and changes will begin to manifest fast. Cinderella Solution Reviews

Cinderella Solution Reviews

Before dwelling into the detailed review of the Cinderella Solution, here’s a quick list of its sections right from when you get the details mailed to you.

  • Main Book and Owners Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free Bonus: Cinderella Accelerator: 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • Free Bonus: Cinderella Accelerator: The Movement Sequencing Activity Guide
  • Free Bonus: 5 Minutes To Look Younger Best-Selling Workout DVD
  • Free Bonus: 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes
  • Free Bonus: One Day Detox

It is an online guide, which means you won’t have to wait for the package. It’s mailed to you as soon as you make the payment. You can get access to the content from your mobile, laptop, smartphone and carry it anywhere you go.

It contains a host of advice, recipes, and tips that ensure you have your dietician with you everywhere you go. You’ll get to know a host of dessert and other recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without affecting your weight. Cinderella Solution Reviews

Inclusions of the Cinderella Solution

The main idea of Cinderella Solution is divided into four parts. These are the guides and plans that will help you to achieve your goals. Here are the contents of each module.

 First Module 

  • Introduce you to the system.
  • Learn about the pairing of foods based on their flavor profiles.
  • It has useful information on how and when to sustain your body to ensure good results.
  • The sequence of exercises will benefit you to know more about the crucial part of the program.

 Second Module

  • 14 days plan in preparing foods
  • Delicious recipes that will make you feel satisfied even if you’re trying to reduce weight.
  • Information about macro nutritional needs.
  • Educate you on how to group foods correctly.

 Third Module

  • Making DIY meals
  • Learn about portions
  • Will teach you how to stop the craving, so that all the effort can’t be ruined.

 Final Module

  • Detailed information about food flavors and combinations.
  • This final stage will prepare you ready for any challenges to help you keep fit and healthy.

How Long Will the Cinderella Solution Diet Last?

The diet in total will take you 28 days. It is divided into two portions of 14 days each. One of the phases is called Ignite and the other one is called Launch.

You can repeat the phases if you still need to slim down. With Ignite, you will eat three meals a day. The Launch program will allow you to eat four.

You don’t need to add in anything else. In fact, the program is very regimented. You don’t have to plan. You simply eat the meals from the plan that you will create with recipes.

However, if you don’t like this approach, you can just educate yourself about the concepts and make your own custom meals with them in mind. You learn about angel carbs, power carbs, royal fats, and prime proteins. Cinderella Solution Reviews

Those who don’t like grueling workout plans will love the way you work out here. You just spend eight to twenty minutes a day doing the exercises. It’s not very intensive and even someone who is exercise adverse can benefit. The workouts are designed specifically for females.

The workouts are a 60-minute routine repository that you can download on your laptop or mobile. They feature 15 work-outs with about six to ten movements for each. You can see them in the video library.

They have the repetitions as well on the video so you can follow along. Beginners can start more moderately while those more advanced can do more work-outs a day. Cinderella Solution Reviews


• A weight loss system that’s designed specifically for women.

• Unique weight loss program deals with women’s issues when it comes to losing excess weight.

• Daily meal plans and bonus recipes.

• Includes multiple programs that can be easily accessed or downloaded.

• Offers a 60-Day money back guarantee.

• Relatively cheap compared to other programs in the market.


• The 98-page manual can be a bit overwhelming for some folks.

• The product is only available online

Reasons to Buy the Cinderella Solution

  1. This program provides a weight-loss solution designed for the unique needs of a woman’s body.
  2. It addresses the desire that women have to lose weight while providing emotional support and foundational structures that address the whole person.
  3. You receive daily meal plans that are fun and simple to implement with the Cinderella Solution, including bonus recipes to try.
  4. Multiple programs are available to access so that women from any walk of life can benefit from these lifestyle adjustments. You can access or download them anywhere you have a data or Internet connection.
  5. The price of this program is comparable to other dieting and nutritional awareness products available today.
  6. You receive a 60-day money-back guarantee upon the purchase of this program.
  7. The workout ideas are easy to implement, taking into account the energy and stamina you have at the start of this process. The low-intensity workouts help to regulate hormones.

Where Can I Buy The Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is available on the official website, http://www.cinderellasolution.com.

Cinderella Solution Reviews

Our Verdict

Cinderella Solution is a 14-day program that’s designed to tackle all of these things by counteracting the effects of this hormonal shift. So, to say it’s just a weight loss program would be an understatement. It’s a lifestyle program designed to provide your body with what it needs to thrive for the next 30 years and beyond. You also get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying this new approach to weight loss, designed specifically for women. Cinderella Solution Reviews

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