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At-Home Workout Strong Finish Exercise

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At-Home Workout Strong Finish Exercise

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At-Home Workout Strong Finish Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell, pullup bar

Warmup: 3 sets of pullups to failure. Do planks with leg lift in between sets


  • rounds of:
    • Kettlebell clean and press to failure
    • Same arm, suitcase carry until you have to drop it
    • Repeat with other side

Every minute, on the minute (EMOM) for 10 minutes:

  • 10 hard swings
    • 5-10 goblet squats

Notes: During the warmup, just do the planks until you really feel them. During the rounds, you should be going back and forth with little rest. Keep an upright posture during the carries, and stay tight through the traps. The every minute, on the minute sets should be complete in 10 minutes, so 10 sets total. Keep the swings snappy.

Progression: Progress by resting less or increasing rounds or reps.

Emphasis: The first series will trash your grip and your traps. Your whole shoulder girdle, from your neck to your deltoids should be fatigued. Each successive set will get tougher on your grip as well. The EMOM sets are a strong cardiovascular/metabolic finisher. Just grunt it out.

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