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At-Home Workout Simple Exercise

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At-Home Workout Simple Exercise

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At-Home Workout Simple Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell, pullup bar

Warmup: 3 rounds of front, side, and back planks with leg lift.


  • rounds of:
    • Kettlebell clean and press ladders (up and down)
    • Pullup ladders (up and down)
    • Single leg box step up ladders (up and down)

100 one arm switch hand swings (done however you can, just get the reps done)

Notes: Do the planks in the warmup until you feel it. Do the whole ladder (up and  down) for each exercise before switching to the next exercise. For the box step up, make sure the box is more than 12 inches high (2-3 feet is best) and try not to push off with the leg that is in contact with the floor. The push should come from the leg on the box. For both the kettlebell clean and press and the step up exercises, do a rep left, then a rep right, then two reps left, and two reps right etc… Take your time between sets. This is not a metabolic conditioning workout. Though there are few exercises, the ladders will take a bit of time and you will get in tons of repetitions total. For the switch hand swings, just get in 100 reps total, in as few sets as possible, with as little rest as possible. Keep good form and make sure the reps are all snappy. You could use this simple workout as a long term plan all by itself.

Progression: Progress by increasing resistance or reps or rounds.

Emphasis:  If you are unsure of what to do, ladders are generally a good choice.  It is  a simple way to get in lots of good quality repetitions. They are a simple, but effective way to build strength and strength endurance in an exercise.

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