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At-Home Workout Painful Pause #2 Exercise

At-Home Workout Painful Pause #2 Exercise Leave a comment

At-Home Workout Painful Pause #2 Exercise

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At-Home Workout Painful Pause #2 Exercise

Painful Pause #2 Exercise Equipment: Kettlebell, pullup bar

Warmup: 3 rounds of 10-20 kettlebell swings, 20-40 flutter kicks


3-6 rounds of

  • 15 second hold pullups
  • 10 second pause pushups
  • 10 second pause goblet squats

Notes: Keep moving during the warmup. Make sure that you don’t excessively arch your back during the flutter kicks. For the 15 second hold pullups, hold in the bottom position (without touching the ground) for 15 seconds, then do a pullup, then repeat until you can’t hold on to the bar any longer. For the pushups, hold in the bottom position, with your chest about 4-6 inches off the ground, then do a pushup, then hold again for 10 seconds and repeat until failure. For the goblet squats, hold in the rock bottom position for 10 seconds, do a goblet squat and repeat. Keep moving during the rounds. Try to get minimal rest.

Progression: Progress increasing reps, weight or rounds.

Emphasis: The pause pullups will greatly improve  your  grip  endurance.  You’ll improve at these rapidly. Improving your grip will then improve your pullups. Pause pushups will generally improve pushup quality. It is also great core (plank) work. The pause goblet squats can improve squat position flexibility.

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