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At-Home Workout Kettlebell Mile #3 Exercise

At-Home Workout Kettlebell Mile #3 Exercise Leave a comment

At-Home Workout Kettlebell Mile #3 Exercise

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At-Home Workout Kettlebell Mile #3 Exercise
At-Home Workout Kettlebell Mile #3 Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell and pullup bar

Warmup: 3 sets of pullups to failure


1 mile:

  • You can carry the kettlebell in either hand, and in either the rack or suitcase position. Whenever you have to switch positions, or put the kettlebell down, you owe pushups to failure.

Notes: Switch sides and carry positions as often as you like, but remember, you owe pushups with every switch. Be prepared to do lots of pushups in the last ¼ mile. Don’t kill yourself trying to make a mile. Discretion is the better part of valor. It might take 2-3 tries to get through this one. It’s OK if you don’t make the whole mile the firs couple of times. Don’t attempt this one until you have been training for at least 6 weeks!

Progression: Progress by resting less or increasing distance.

Emphasis: This is just a whole body effort, over a long time. Some of the fundamental movements are missing but some efforts should be done alone, after a simple warmup, and this is one of them. The workout is hard enough as it is. You’ll get a big cardiovascular hit from this workout and a lengthy practice at breathing under tension. The first ¼ mile will not seem too bad but give it time.  I like to do this one on a Friday  so I get to recover until Monday. Enjoy!

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