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At-Home Workout Hotel Hell Exercise

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At-Home Workout Hotel Hell Exercise

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At-Home Workout Hotel Hell Exercise

Equipment: Figure 8 resistance tube

Warmup: 25-40 Burpees


3-5 complete rounds of:

  • Two arm figure 8 band row
  • Hindu pushups (½ max reps)
  • Two arm figure 8 band row
  • Regular pushups (½ max reps)
  • Victorian hold (5 x 5 seconds)

3-5 rounds of:

  • Rear plank leg lift (5-20 reps per leg)
  • Lunge jumps (5-10 reps per leg)

Notes: Just get the burpees done how ever you need to. You can rest a bit  if necessary. Give yourself 2-3 minutes after the burpees.  For the band rows, hold the  top position and squeeze your shoulder blades together for 3-5 seconds on each row. On the Victorian rows, get as high as you can. If you can’t get your body off the ground, that is OK. Just drive your elbows back as hard as you can. For the lunge jump, step back into a rear lunge position and then jump as high as you can by pushing primarily from the rear leg. Alternate legs. Do this as  a plyometric exercise.  Jump as soon as you reach the bottom position….boing….boing…boing. You know what I mean.

Progression: Progress by resting less or increasing rounds.

Emphasis: Sometimes you don’t want to take much equipment with you when you travel, or you don’t want to use your doorway pullup bar in a hotel for fear of damage. You can still get a great workout with just one figure 8 resistance tube. This is one you could repeat for the duration of your hotel stay. Do this workout before you hit the free breakfast bar. The rear plank leg lifts are a strategic addition.  It is a “static” hip hinge,  in that it works the hip hinge muscles, but in a static manner. The lunge jumps are both a squat and a hip hinge.

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