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At-Home Workout Hang Time Exercise

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At-Home Workout Hang Time Exercise

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At-Home Workout Hang Time Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell, pullup bar

Warmup: 4-5 rounds of 10 kettlebell swings

Workout: 3 sets of pullups to failure, 30 seconds rest between sets 3-5 complete rounds of:

  • 10 steps of walking lunge with kettlebell in rack position
  • press the kettlebell overhead for 5-8 reps
  • switch hands, repeat

rounds of:

  • Hang 15 seconds, do a pullup, hang 15 seconds, do a pullup etc…until your grip gives out
  • Super slow single leg squat negatives (at least 4 seconds down) 5 reps each leg

Notes: One round left hand and then one round right hand = 1 complete round. Start with your non-dominant side. Try to do each round without putting the kettlebell down. When holding the kettlebell in the rack position, stand up straight, with your chest out. Don’t slouch. Keep your core tight.  It is best to use a box, or a bench or a step to do  the slow single leg squats. Just go down really slowly and as low as you possibly can. Try to go lower each set. Use resistance if you need to.

Progression: Progress by resting less or increasing rounds.

Emphasis: The first round will really fatigue your core support muscles if you keep  your core tight and don’t sag. This series of rounds is designed to have you stabilizing your core constantly under dynamic load. The hang pullups will really work over your grip strength. Doing these 1-2 times per week can add reps to your pullups quickly because many people are limited by grip in this exercise. You’ll be surprised by how hard these are.

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