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At-Home Workout Grind em Out Exercise

At-Home Workout Grind em Out Exercise Leave a comment

At-Home Workout Grind em Out Exercise

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At-Home Workout Grind em Out Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell, pullup bar

Warmup: 3-5 rounds of: 10 kettlebell swings, ½ max pushups, goblet squats


As many rounds as you can of:

  • 1 pullup
    • 1 kettlebell clean and press right, one left

Notes: For the warm up, just do goblet squats until you really feel it.  Move quickly.  Take 2-3 minutes rest after the warm up is done.  The next set of rounds should be  done quickly. You should be able to do 3 rounds per minute, but aim for 4 (15 seconds per round). Keep moving, no rest. Go until you feel like you are done with one of the exercises. If you get to 100-150 reps, good enough. If you manage to get in 4 rounds per minute, it will take you 25 minutes to get 100 reps, so this one can take a while.

Progression: Progress by moving faster or increasing rounds.

Emphasis: The warmup is really part of the workout here. But the real focus of the workout is the “as many as you can” rounds. This is a simple “grind em out” type of workout. It is not hard at firs, but it becomes a real grind. I love these kinds of grinds, where you can just turn your brain off and go. You don’t have to get psyched up or think about it too much. Just go until you are done. It is like moving meditation.

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