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At-Home Workout Forgot my Stuff #2 Exercise

At-Home Workout Forgot my Stuff #2 Exercise Leave a comment

At-Home Workout Forgot my Stuff #2 Exercise

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At-Home Workout Forgot my Stuff #2 Exercise

Equipment: Nothing

Warmup: 3 rounds of front, side and back planks with leg lift


  • 3 X your max number of pushups
  • 150-250 body weight squats
  • 10-15 X 5 second Victorian holds

Notes: Do the planks until you really feel worked. For the pushups, just  keep performing sets until they add up to 3 X your max. Do this in as few sets as possible. For the body weight squats, go until you feel like you would rather take a beating than do any more reps. Drive your elbows back into the ground as hard as you can for 5 seconds for each Victorian hold.

Progression: Progress increasing reps, weight or rounds.

Emphasis: This is a simple workout to get you through when you are traveling and forgot to bring your workout gear. It is plenty good enough to do the job. The hardest thing to accomplish with no equipment is hip hinging and pulling. Rear plank leg lifts are a form of “static hip hinge.” They work the hip hinge muscles in a static contraction. Work them hard here. The best we can do with pulling is the Victorian hold, which  works the “pull” muscles of the back (but not the biceps or grip).

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