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At-Home Workout Core Blaster Exercise

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At-Home Workout Core Blaster Exercise

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At-Home Workout Core Blaster Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell

Warmup: Jog easy 10 minutes

Workout: 3 sets of pullups to failure, 30 seconds rest between sets

3-5 complete rounds of:

  • 1 Turkish Getup
  • Immediately do a kettlebell snatch
  • While kettlebell is overhead, perform a lunge. When you reach the lunge bottom position, lower and press the kettlebell and stand back up with the kettlebell overhead.
  • Press the kettlebell 3-5 more times.
  • Switch arms and repeat.

25-40 deck squats

Notes: One round left hand and then one round right hand = 1 complete round. Start with your non-dominant side. Try to do each round without putting the kettlebell down. Work towards doing the whole workout without putting down the kettlebell. The rounds are done as a continuous, long set. Just get the deck squats done in as few sets as possible. Google “deck squats, Steve Maxwell” for a good video demonstration of deck squats.

Progression: Progress by resting less or increasing rounds.

Emphasis: What is difficult about this workout is keeping your core stiff during the rounds. Each of the exercises places a tremendous demand on your core for stabilization. By the last round, your core muscle should be shot.

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