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At-Home Workout Buns and Guns 2 Exercise

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At-Home Workout Buns and Guns 2 Exercise

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At-Home Workout Buns and Guns 2 Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell, pullup bar, figure 8 resistance tubing

Warmup: 3 rounds of waiter walks followed by 10 one handed swings


rounds of:

  • One handed kettlebell thruster (with slow negative)
  • 10 second hold pullups

2-3 rounds of

  • figure 8 band curls
  • figure 8 band tricep extensions

2-5 rounds of

  • 10-15 kettlebell swings
  • 25 yard sprints

50-100 glute bridges

Notes: For the waiter walks, just go until you feel it. Do a normal thruster, then slowly (about 4 seconds) lower the weight to the rack position, then do another thruster etc. Hang 10 seconds between each pullup. Go until one rep short of failure (but you can go to failure on the last set). For tricep extensions, you can loop the end of the tubing around  a door knob and do one handed extensions.  Do the glute bridges in as few  sets as possible. Try to keep moving through the  whole  workout to keep your heart  rate >70% max.

Progression: Progress increasing rounds, load or reps or by decreasing rest.

Emphasis: This workout provides a greater emphasis on arms and glutes.  It also  really emphasizes shoulder stability (with the waiter’s walks, slow negative and pullup holds).

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