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At-Home Workout Antagonistic Exercise

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At-Home Workout Antagonistic Exercise

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At-Home Workout Antagonistic Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell, figure 8 resistance tubing and pullup bar

Warmup: Goblet squats, 30-50 reps in as few sets as possible


2-3 rounds of:

Wide grip pushups Kettlebell  row Narrow grip pushups Figure 8 band row Regular grip pushups Pullups

3-5 rounds of:

Kettlebell swings (10-20 reps) Flutter kicks (15-40 reps)

Notes: Take all sets (except for swings, Victorian hold and flutter kicks) to  one  rep short of failure. Try to rest less than 30 seconds between exercises, but you may rest 1- 3 minutes between rounds.

Progression: Progress by increasing reps, weight or rounds.

Emphasis: This workout focuses on opposing (antagonistic) muscle groups. The first round has push opposing pull exercises. The second round has anterior and posterior chain. Working antagonistic muscles allows the opposing muscles to recover, so you can get in more work in a shorter period of time. It also keeps the tonic muscles loose and allows a greater range of motion.

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