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At-Home Workout 10X Exercise

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At-Home Workout 10X Exercise

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At-Home Workout 10X Exercise

Equipment: Kettlebell, pullup bar

Warmup: 3 rounds of front, side and back plank with leg lift. 40 kettlebell swings.


  • 3-5 sets of goblet squats, <30 seconds rest between sets
  • 1 clean and press left and right, followed immediately by 1 pullup. Go until you  do 10X your max number of pullups total. No rest.

Notes: Keep moving during the warmup.  Do each set until you feel it.  Do the swings  in as few sets as possible. Note that you are resting very little during the goblet set rounds. Do all of the goblet squat sets before moving to the presses and pullups. For each set, just do goblet squats until you feel like you can’t do another reasonable rep. You can rest 2-3 minutes before beginning the presses and pullups. There is no rest during the presses and pullups. This is one big continuous set, alternating presses and pullups, until you reach 10 X your max number of pullups. If you feel really good, you can add a few more reps.

Progression: Progress increasing reps or weight.

Emphasis: This workout emphasizes high volume. You’ll get lots and  lots  of  repetitions which improves muscular endurance, strength and provides a big calorie burn.

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